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Helping Women Realize Their Inner Confidence

What is the essence of a woman? At Essence Luxe Couture, we believe it’s self confidence. Once you embrace confidence, strength, beauty, and love will follow. That's why we lovingly create each of our beauty and hair products with the goal of helping women unleash their inner strength. After all, true confidence breeds beauty.

We’re inspired by all things beautiful, all things colorful, all things fearless and all things women.

There’s nothing we love more than encouraging women to love themselves and empower each other. The revolution is now. Come join us!


When you purchase our products, you're not just investing in yourself, you’re supporting women. Essence Luxe Couture donates a portion of all sales to Pantene™ Beautiful Lengths, to help women battling cancer feel strong, gorgeous and capable.

To us, it’s hair. To women battling cancer, it’s hope.

We know how desirable the appearance of strong, healthy hair is. For women battling cancer, this is more than just an aesthetic, it’s a symbol of strength and recovery. That’s why Essence Luxe Couture started its Pantene™ Benefit Program, which contributes to Pantene™ Beautiful Lengths, the only program that distributes human hair wigs to women living with cancer, helping them feel like themselves again. (Pantene)

Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene® and the Canadian Cancer Society®. Its goal is to support women growing long, strong, beautiful hair and to provide the funds to turn this hair into free, human hair wigs for women with cancer. So far, Pantene has donated over 24,000 real hair wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig bank, which, in turn, supplies them to cancer patients across North America.


The process begins in Asia, where we source the finest quality human hair and mink fur from countries like Burma, Cambodia, India and Malaysia.

The raw materials are then transported so they can be crafted by our team members, who are located worldwide. Once completed, each item passes quality checks.

Our products are then distributed to customers all over the globe. Each item is handcrafted, giving them an individual touch, as unique as you are.

Last, but not least, a portion of the profits from each sale is donated to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths' program.


A CEO’s story...

For our founder and CEO, Akosua Asare, her own beauty revelation led to a business empowering other women.

Raised in Toronto, Ontario, the hair icon admits she wasn’t always inspired by what she saw in the mirror.

"I didn't always unapologetically rock my hair, or lack thereof,” she says.

"There was a period in my life when I had so little confidence in myself, I hardly spoke. I began searching for my beauty when the world wouldn't look, only to realize it was much closer than I thought.

So I made it my mission to help women look, to help women find their own beauty. Because she IS within. And until you let her out, you'll never know her.

For me, I learned to love my hair, or lack of hair. It made me feel so confident. Now I rock everything: a bald head, a teeny weeny afro, purple/red hair, long wigs, short wigs, all wigs. Now that I’ve found my beauty, I won't let her go."

Let’s help you find yours!