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In 2016, 79% of consumer's shopped online, up from 22% in the year 2000 (Source). But can you really buy EVERYTHING online? Tell that to the guy that purchased chicken wing-shaped soap off of Amazon. Or maybe we should be seriously questioning the person that thought selling a vinyl wall decal of a half Asian business person would be a tempting buy... Yea prepare to be amazed with that one. Online shopping makes life much easier, but how about human hair extensions and wigs? Is it really a good idea to purchase those kinds of things online? I mean it's not a blouse, that needs to be tried on, but it still is an item that needs more than just an image to purchase. And that's absolutely right! Here's how to buy quality human hair online and why it's MUCH better than purchasing them from your local beauty supply.
Believe it or not, but buying hair extensions online is actually cheaper than purchasing the same hair extensions at your local beauty supply. One of the most popular beauty supply retailers in North America retails their natural black 22" straight wefted bundle extensions for about $122.72 CAD or $94.79 USD for 100 grams (the average weight for one bundle). On the other hand, we retail similar 22" straight wefted bundle extensions for $86.59 CAD or $66.83 USD for 100 grams. That's an over $30 difference. 
Brick and mortar beauty supply retailers, also known as the beauty supply down the street, have much higher overhead expenses. Overheard expenses are costs to run a business day to day like rent, labour, and utilities. Beauty supply's that operate solely online still pay overheard expenses, but they don't serve the public, so the expense are cut in half, at the minimum. That's why online retailers, like us, have much lower prices. Why wouldn't we pass those savings on to our customers like you! You deserve it.
There are a ton of different grades of extensions, which signify the human hair's quality, true origin, treatment and manufacturing processes. We recently published an article diving into where these human hair extensions really come from and how they differ from one another. We published Learn more about hair origins in our most recent article. While writing the article, we discovered a lot of hidden industry secrets. Human hair retailers often purchase say, 7A grade Chinese hair, but market them as 8A grade Brazilian hair. We noticed that this practice was much more prevalent with brick and mortar beauty supply shops. Considering that expenses that a mentioned earlier, it's no wonder this tricky marketing is used by these beauty shops. They're doing whatever they can to maximize profit while minimizing costs. Unfortunately, this risks the integrity and quality of the human hair they sell. 
Online beauty retailers, like us, have very little overhead costs, in comparison, so when we say our hair is 8A, you can be assured that it is. In fact, we seek out the highest quality hair and the most affordable price because we know you have so many options. Speaking of options, this brings us to our next point.
This is a point that can be made with online shopping in general. We all have a mountain high hill of options and choices when it comes to making purchases online. It's easy to open multiple browser tabs and easily compare between two or three online store in order to come to a decision. But when you take a trip to your local beauty supply shop, even if you have access to multiple shop in your neighborhood, it's hard to directly compare items, the way you would online. Local beauty supply shops often hike up their prices, solely because it's difficult to compare their products. Seriously, who's going to waste $10 worth of gas, simply in the hopes of possibly saving $20-30.

But let's be honest... Shopping online is not always what it's cracked up to be. Anyone every purchase anything from Wish? Yea, we'll leave it at that. Or how about from a site you though was legitimate, so you ordered, but NEVER received your products? GRRRR! How can you be more vigilant, especially when buying human hair online? Here's a few tips from a few people that have been there, and done that:
1. Google It! Google the business name the website your thinking of purchasing from. Business' often have designated reviews and YouTube endorsements that are designed to say positive things, but when you google the company name, you'll reviews and comments from all parts of the web from legitimate 3rd party sites like Google and Facebook. Check out the Youtubers that endorse the company. Who are they? Are they usually active on Youtube? Are all their videos filled with endorsements? This should tell you more about the legitimacy of the company and who they have reviewing their company.
2. Check for Security Indicators. When a company has a security badge like McAfee, Norton or PayPal on their site, you'll know that your not only protected against fraudulent activities, but you'll be compensated with money, or the equivalent in services, if something does happen to your credit card or identity
3. Order a sample. It never hurts to order just one item of something, once your assured of the website's legitimacy. See how long it takes to get to you, where the shipping label says it comes from, and if the quality lives up to it's description.

Shopping is fun! Online shopping is even better. As time goes buy, you may find yourself even buy toilet paper online. Well why not? So do it safely and enjoy yourself!