4 Easy Steps to Make Your Mink Eyelash Removal a Spa Party

All good things must come to an end, right? It's the same with false lashes. Maybe you applied them for a glam night out and now you want back to your naturals. Or maybe you just want to switch them, try a different length or volume. Either way, removing your lashes can be a little more time-consuming than wiping off your mascara, so why not take advantage and turn it into a spa sesh? Here's how to make the most of it:

1 . Cleanse Richly

You'll have to remove your eye makeup completely before taking your lashes off, so why not indulge a bit? Use a rich cold cream or a super luxe brand you've always wanted to splurge on. Look for something that hydrates and locks in moisture, as the removal process can be drying on the tissues. Your skin will thank you and you have the added of benefit of making it easier to take your falsies off, although if you’re not wearing makeup at all, feel free to skip this stage.

2 . Get Steamy


Steaming your face helps soften the lash glue, making them significantly easier to remove. To upgrade your face steam, grab a bowl and fill it with hot water – not necessarily boiling, but hot enough to produce steam. Add a few drops of essential oil to suit your needs, or some herb sprigs or fresh flowers. Swirl the water around and allow the steam to rise and the oils or botanicals to release their scents fully. Ahhh … so relaxing right? Make sure you place a towel or sheet over your head as you inhale, trapping the steam and letting it do its magic. Steaming also works to clarify your pores, which is just a bonus!

3 . Use Quality Oil

The final step to effectively removing your lash extensions is to damped a cotton ball with oil and gently wipe it across the point where your real lashes meet the extensions until they soften and begin to fall off. Use coconut, almond, or your favourite plant-based oil, which also gives an extra boost of hydration. Tip: Our nourishing rose cleansing oil is amazing for this and smells heavenly. Once your lashes are off, don’t forget to cleanse any remaining oil residue.

4 . Mmmm Moisture

To lock in all the steamy benefits, apply an eye serum. Dab gently using your middle or ring finger and make sure your lids, temples and under-eye area are covered. Most serums can be used quite sparingly as  they’re designed to be extremely rich in texture, so only use a small dab for each eye. Now is also a great time to apply a lash serum, if you’re using one.

Now that your face is fresh, moisturized and relaxed, you’re good to go! Saying goodbye to your lashes temporarily is never fun, but it’s also a great time to practice some self-care. When the time is ready you’ll be that much more pumped to put on your next pair.

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