Silk Top VS Monafilament & Why Silk Top Wigs are THE Best

It may be the tiniest detail on your wig, but deciding between a silk or monofilament top can make-or-break your entire wig experience. It’s what separates a really genuine unit that’s undeniably life-like from a unit that looks artificial.

The monofilament option is very common with synthetic pieces. It’s a mesh-type fabric made from artificial fibre that feels similar to a fishing line. The most common complaint about monofilament tops is that the mesh shows through and looks artificial. It’s also somewhat transparent, so your scalp – or natural hair – will often show through from beneath.

Lace Top VS Monofilament Top VS Silk Top

Silk tops are by far the most realistic looking option. Why settle for anything less than the best? With this advanced feature, a layer of lace forms the base and then a piece of silk fabric is placed over top. When the wig is crafted, the hair strands are ventilated through the lace, hiding the knots beneath the silk layer. This allows the wig to look like your hair is growing right out of your own scalp, allowing for unlimited parting and styling options. Why would you want anything else?

Close-up Silk Top Wig

As you can see from the above images, it's obvious why silk top wigs are far more superior than monofilament top wigs.

At Essence Luxe Couture, we pride in the way our expert team handles each silk top wig we make. Our team treats your wigs like the investment they are, to ensure their maximum longevity and an ultra-realistic look. Take your wig game to the next level with one of our delicately handmade silk top wigs.

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