WATCH: How Quickly Our Custom-Fit Wigs Go On

Kaylee was a 'clip-in extensions type-of-girl.' But when she noticed her clip-ins were causing her hair to thin, she decided to make the switch to wigs. But not any wig. Kaylee only wears our Naturale Human Hair Wigs because:

  • They're custom made-to-fit her exact head measurements, so her wig fits securely and feels extremely comfortable
  • They're professionally coloured, so she can have that salon-finished look without the salon expense, colour fade, or root touch-ups. Kaylee's hair can stay healthy while she experiments with bold looks.
  • They're handmade with film-grade lace. That means Kaylee can slip her wig on as quickly as she could with her extensions, and her wig will look seamlessly natural against her skin.

Kaylee is NOT a pro at wearing wigs. In fact, our Crema Khalessi Wig was her first wig.

Even as a beginner, she doesn't have to get her wig professionally installed, or worry about watching countless wig tutorials, because our custom-fit feature and film-grade lace allow her wig to fit like a glove, and look just as natural as her clips-ins.

Watch how Kaylee goes from Brunette to Blonde in seconds.

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