Essence - We believe the indispensable quality, or essence, of everyone is their self confidence.

Luxe - Short for 'luxury', our items are not only made for comfort, but also to give it's wearer the ultimate look.

Couture - French for 'sewing', our products are hand crafted with inspiration from high fashion's quality and designs

We're a luxury brand that hand crafts products that speak to the inner essence of everyone: their confidence. Our products are crafted to enhance your confidence, help you feel comfortable, luxurious and, of course, BEAUTIFUL!

From our hands to you.

Our small team pride's itself on creating THE modern wig: extremely high quality units, with salon-inspired designs, made to perfectly fit YOU.

Essence Luxe Couture Founder & CEO, Akosua Asare

Plagued with alopecia at 21, I tried hiding it with weaves and braids, which only made the hair loss worse. The damage was too far gone; I had to shave my head completely bald.

For me wigs not only allowed me to feel myself again, while I worked on repairing my damaged scalp, but I fell in love with the ability to quickly switch my look without having to sit at a salon for hours, or to dish out a ton of cash on my hair, just to have to re-touch my style in a few weeks.

Today my hair has grown back. Healthier and fuller than every, but I still wear wigs!

I started Essence Luxe Couture to provide women with high quality hair replacements to complement and enhance their beauty. Whether your going through chemotherapy, struggling with alopecia areata or just want to join Kim K and Kylie Jenner on the wig bandwagon, you deserve ONLY the best, and at Essence Luxe Couture, we promise you THE best.

- Akosua Asare, CEO & Founder of Essence Luxe Couture