If you require a wig or hair piece for an existing medical condition, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance provider. If you do not have health coverage through an independent insurance provider, you may be eligible to submit your receipts to Revenue Canada, for Canadians, or to the Internal Revenue Agency, for Americans, as additional medical expenses.

Coverage and your eligibility will vary greatly by your health insurance comapany. In order to find out if you're eligible for medical prosthetic wig coverage, Essence Luxe Couture recommends following these steps:

  1. Contact your health insurance company to find out if a medical hair prosthetic wig or cranial hair prosthesis wig qualifies for reimbursement, and if so what the parameters are.
  2. If you don’t have additional health benefits consult your accountant in regards to claiming additional medical expenses with the CRA or IRS.

It's important to use the correct terminology. For correct information about medical coverage, ensure you use the words 'medical cranial prosthetic hair wig' with your insurance representative.


Once you've ensured you have medical coverage for your human hair wig, follow these 3 easy steps, to streamline your insurance claims process:

  1. You will need to obtain a prescription from your doctor. Terminology is very imortant at this stage. Confirm with your insurance company, exactly what they want your doctor to write on the prescription, so that there is absolutely no discrepancy.
  2. After purchasing your wig, Essence Luxe Couture will provide you with a sales receipt for a medical hair prosthesis.
  3. Submit your claim with your prescription AND your sales receipt from Essence Luxe Couture


Retain photocopies of all relevant information for your personal records.

If you require your sales receipt to use specific terminology, in order for you to submit the receipt to your insurance company, we can do that.

Please call 1 (800) 589 3578 or e-mail support@essenceluxecouture.com for more information.