Essence Luxe Couture is Temporarily Closing

It is with great sadness that we announce the temporary closing of Essence Luxe Couture. COVID-19 put an incredible strain on our supply chain, as we struggled to fill increased demand. Despite our best efforts, we see no other option, but to temporarily close to resolve the mounting interruptions and issues.

You can still order a custom wig before it's too late. Email us with your request. If you'd like anything other than what's available on the site, let us know quickly! 

We have a limited amount of hair in stock, that will be used to fulfill a limited amount of orders on a first come first serve basis. Otherwise, the current wigs on our site are NOW all standard cap size, lace front wigs. Same hair, same quality, just cheaper and they will ship faster than custom wigs.

Everything on the website is up to 70% off. 

Existing orders and custom orders will not be effected and will continue to be fulfilled normally, as we receive them.

Once that inventory is depleted, we will NOT be restocking. The site will remain open until we sell and ship our last wigs. Our support team will stay on to assist with any issues thereafter.

We want to thank everyone that took a chance on a company they knew so little about. Many businesses fail in their first year, but we made it to nearly 4 years, and that's an accomplishment we hold dear to our hearts.

We know we are not the first small business to close during this pandemic, and unfortunately as it continues, we know we won't be the last. My hope for anyone reading this is that you will continue to do you best to support local, and keep small businesses alive.


May 2021 be kinder to us all,

Akosua Asare,

Founder & CEO, Essence Luxe Couture