Double-Sided Wig Tape Minis (72 tabs)

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A Maximum Wear favourite, famous for its dullness and reliable hold. 

Each tab is 1/2" thick. The lining is blue, but the adhesive is transparent.

Hold: Depending on the temperature, humidity, and your body's natural oils, this wig tape adhesive can maintain its hold for 2-3 weeks.

To Apply: 

1. Peel the scored liner off. The adhesive side is placed on the unit. Avoid touching adhesive. 

2. Place the tab where desired on the wig. Repeat as needed. 

3. When ready to apply to the scalp, peel off remaining tabs.

To Remove: 

Saturate and rinse with soap and water.

Professional Use Only

Dullness: Dull

Gentleness: Hypoallergenic

Residue: Medium

Liner: Blue (tape is clear)

Hold: 2-3 Weeks

Apply with care: its comfortable mesh construction can tear when stretched

Store at room temperature, below 90°F

Test on small area before use